Terms and Conditions and Questions and Answers and All Things Of That Sort

Works added are not viewable to other users, though I may implement some way of "sharing" bits of your info if that's what you want to do (I currently list all of my "pending rejection" pieces on my homepage, for instance, though whether that's the wisest thing to do is certainly debatable).

What you put in here is mostly private. There's some munging that goes on to allow the google ads to still be targeted. You can note the urls you go to and open them up when you're not logged in to see what that looks like. :)

And story "content", if you choose to put that in, is never shown. Just titles, keywords, and blurbs, in the munged format mentioned above.

I will never sell your email addresses, though I reserve the right to spam you _once_, to offer an opt-in mailing list of sorts. That's separate from the validation/welcome email, just so we're clear.

This is a free service that I built for my own personal use. It'll be nifty if the google ads distract you a bit with useful stuff (to write about if nothing else), but I make no warranty, implied or otherwise. Use at your own risk, blah blah blah. I'll do my best not to lose any data entered, but if monkeys turn all your information into snippets from shakespeare... well, them's the breaks. It's an infinite universe, right?

These terms and conditions were last modified April 10, 2006.